Surprisingly Happy Nick

Some examples of poems by Surprisingly Happy Nick. 

 Dr Kemal And My Useless Ear Canal


The written word revels within its elegance, its beauty

But the spoken word resonates

Bringing with it radiance and splendour

Flooding my desires, fulfilling my want my need.

Oh how cruel how twisted, confining my yearning

Imprisoned, shut away from a world

Scattered with sound, Oh beautiful noise

My ear fails where it once inspired, it longs where it once loved

My purposeless ear clings to me, taunting

Abhorrent in its very nature, redundant of grace

Ignominious ear, revolting drum the skin decay

 I once loved commotion and clamour, I shall not hear of it again.


(Psycho-Dynamic Poetry)




Everybody came to see Mary taking ecstacy

The hummingbird was watching too

With words of love he hummed to you.


We were all pleased to see Mary laughing merrily

The hummingbird was no fool

With words of love he hummed to you.


If they sought then they'd see  Mary lives within melody

The hummingbird loves himself

Words of love he left without.


(Names And Morality)



Even as she poses

She hides herself, pretending to be

It shows where it seeps

The sadness, those longing eyes

That for modesty, refuse to weep.


Even as she stares

To remember, for she forgets

Her vision a screaming shrill

If it passes, the tone sustains

Thoughts that won't perish leave her still


But screaming


Thrill me, thrill me

Yes she cries, cries

Thrill me, thrill me

Yes she cries.


(Surprisingly Happy Nick)

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