Surprisingly Happy Nick

Nick was born in February 1980, he grew up in Andover. His childhood was despicable and led to a rebelious attitude at school aswell as in life. He delved into crime, dived into drugs, and eventually aswell as inevitably, dwelled in psychiatric wards and  theraputic communities. He emerged as a 22 year old bitter, cynical man fuelled by anger and armed with a pen. Despite writing from the age of 16 its only been since the age of 24 that he has started to catalogue work. Nick became Surprisingly Happy Nick in 2008. It was an ironic nick name given by dear friends.

In 2006 he had written Psycho-Dynamic Poetry. This was followed in 2007 by Names and Morality. 2008 saw  Surprisingly Happy Nick  by  Surprisingly Happy Nick!

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